Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finding Heartbreak Hill in Pebble Beach

In my training for the Boston Marathon, I've tried to simulate the course on my runs on the Monterey Peninsula. Yes, it's on the opposite coast, but Monterey's topography can provide the challenges to prepare for the worst Boston has to offer, including Heartbreak Hill.
I have always considered myself a strong hill runner and training around the Monterey Penninsula has gotten me used to running long, gradual uphills. One of those is the run up Spyglass Hill Road from the beach. The road cuts through Spyglass Hill Golf Course. If you haven't seen the Pebble Beach course in person, you're probably familiar with it from watching the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am every February on television. As I reach the top of Spyglass I am always a little envious of the golfers on the putting green, leisurely polishing their game. Meanwhile, my legs are on fire from the climb. After that, though, is a nice downhill run down Stevenson Drive.
More on my Boston Marathon preparations in this week's column in the Monterey County Herald.

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  1. Ran that hill a bunch of times during cross country practice at Stevenson. Good times.