Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keep Fort Ord Wild

I admit, I am a nature-lover, so when I learned about the proposed highway through the middle of Fort Ord Land I was beside myself. My coach and I used to be on the Fort Ord Users Committee which a committee of concerned citizens working with the county and the Fort Ord Reuse Committee currently doing the "cleanup" of Fort Ord. Since Quin was born, I have not been invloved, but Sev goes to meetings almost weekly, sometimes until 9 at night. His goal is to keep the trails and land open to everyone-period.

It is shocking to learn about the political process and realize that there are 5 people on the Board of Supervisors Committee that are making enormous decisions for the future of this beautiful area. Not only is a highway planned, but the Board has approved additional housing projects, and a large equestrian center complete with hotels and a racetrack. All of this through miles and miles of pristine land that local and visitors have come to love. I say, take that 12 million and widen existing roads. Help save our land..

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  1. same thing happened to our beloved Carolina Woodlands just this month.
    how come so few of the 1% are runners?!