Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Quin knows Mama has a big race coming up and that he is getting ready to go on an airplane. Last night as Jon was packing some things, Quin decided to pack too. He found a brown paper bag and stuffed it with 2 of Jon's dirty socks, my bikini bottom(for the cruise), some tape, 2 power bars, some gel, a small skate board and lastly a street sweeper. You never know what you'll need, and I like that he's a light packer. He placed it on Jon's bag with instructions not to touch it.

Sev and I depart on Thusday the day before Jon and Quin. Though it will be nice knowing they are there to cheer me on, I don't plan on seeing them until after the race, so I can relax and concentrate on the task at hand. The last time they cheered me on was sitting on a bench in Pacific Grove as I ran by during the Big Sur Half Marathon. Quin asked Dad why he was up so early. This time it will feel really early with the time change, but I imagine adrenaline race day morning will kick in when my alarm goes off at 5am Saturday morning.

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