Friday, September 23, 2011

PG Triathlon Part II

After the Pacific Grove Triathlon, Jon and I had Quin at the park, and we ran into Alexis Smith, who took fourth in the race and is a friend of mine. She was packing up her car as her 1-year old, Gabriel, was napping. Understandably tired from a long day, she was ready for a nap herself, but we got to talk a few minutes. Her first comment was, “Everybody is so young.” We are both in the same boat, that dreaded word, “Veteran” seems to preface my name in most articles.  I read “Old Guard” the other day referring to myself and the other women on the last Olympic marathon team. Even the other day my coach was telling me how the young runners will be gunning for us “veterans.” It’s just the nature of the sport. I remember feeling pretty proud of myself when I beat an older established runner.

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