Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time off

After my 10 Mile race last weekend, I planned to take about a week off of running. I usually take some time between seasons to give myself as much a mental break as a physical break. It's nice to be taking time off as planned rather than taking forced time off from injury. Since I usually never take days off from running, I have been looking forward to my break. But, it usually only takes a few days before I am eager to get out the door again. Monday starts official training and soon I will be diving into marathon training.

This week has been relaxing and fun with the in-laws in town. We have spent time on the beach, done a steam train ride at Roaring Camp and even helped some friends pick grapes at their private vineyard. Quin was surprisingly good with his cutters for a 2 and half year old. We all managed to leave with all our fingers intact and had a great time.

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