Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning to win again

This week's column will be on learning to win, or the adjustments you have to make as an elite runner. I wish racing was just about going out and running fast. But it's not. It's also about strategy and tactics, figuring out how to win.
Not leading a race from start to finish is tough on me. I like to be out in front, having people chase me rather than me chasing them. My high school coach once told me I seemed to like running scared.
Steve Prefontaine loved running from the front as well, but it probably cost him a medal at the Munich Olympics.

For me, post-collegiate running has been tougher competition and years of training hard and learning to win again. Since taking maternity leave, I have been playing catch-up but am happy to say that things are falling into place, and I am getting that fire again. I will face some tough opponents over this next year leading up to the Olympic Marathon Trials, but I am looking forward to every race along the way.
More on this in Saturday's column in the Monterey County Herald.

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