Monday, February 7, 2011

The 2010 USA Cross Country 8k Nationals was my first race back after pregnancy. What a different experience from this year's race! Last year, we went out hard, and I was in oxygen debt after the first 200 meters. I hung on for ninth place, but was never really in the race and had no chance of making the World Championship Team. Saturday, thankfully, was a different ball game. I can't say I am on top of my game like some of the women that have been setting American records and running personal bests, but I was ready and eager to race.

Coach Sev is always nervous, but this time he was particularly nervous, talking even more than usual ... if that is possible :) The gun went off, and we went out really hard again, but this time I was ready. After the first lap of the cross country course and with three to go, Sev was no longer nervous because there was such a huge gap between the top six women (top 6 qualifies for Worlds) and the rest of the field. After the race Sev and I walked back to the hotel. He said, "Now I can be nervous wondering how well you will run, not how bad." True. Last year was rough, but I am expecting good things to come.

I flew home Saturday from San Diego, while Jon and Quin stayed with family to watch the Super Bowl. From the pictures I saw, Quin was more interested in the cat house at my sister-in-law's house. I got in a great 18 mile run in Fort Ord and can't wait to see them both today.

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