Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes, Boston

Yes, the Boston Marathon. I plan to run in it this April because it fits in well with my training. You need to be really strong for cross country and we are also changing a few things just to have some fun variety after all these years. I really could have gone either way. I really wanted to run a marathon in the spring to at least have one under my belt before Olympic Trials. Coach Sev, that's he and I in the picture from the national cross country championships, was fine with it, though if he had his way, we would go after some fast 5,000 and 10,000 meters times on the track this spring and summer. Hopefully I will come off the marathon OK and still get in a few track races. I have already qualified for the USA track and Field Championships in the 10k off of last year's time.
Not sure of the logistics for Boston just yet. Quin, Sev and I will probably go a few days early just to get used to the time change. Jon will probably fly in later and take Quin to his parent's house in Massachusetts. He would then drive up the morning of the race to cheer me on.

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