Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The balancing act

When I was in Spain for the World Cross Country Championships, I realized that I have been running pretty well considering I don’t treat running like a regular 8-5 job. A lot of the women on the USA team start their day running about 8:30. They run, stretch, do core exercises at a gym, go home eat lunch and then get the luxury of a 3 hour nap before running again or getting a massage or other medical treatment to keep them in one piece and healthy. Though I still get all the mileage and workouts in that I used to before Quin was born, I have had to give up the little things, like massages, long recovery naps, and even driving to some different places to run, simply because there is not enough time in the day. Playdates or quality time with Quin at the park are more important to me. I have also found like most parents, that if you want to get anything done it’s only going to happen during nap time. I may not have a normal elite athlete schedule, but so far it’s allowing me the chance to try and be great at two things I love...Motherhood and Running.

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