Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slow down there girl

How do you hold back a thoroughbred? If you ask Blake Russell’s husband he’d probably answer, “with great difficulty!” Seems the Olympic marathoner has a difficult time keeping her foot off the accelerator during a race, even if that race is only supposed to be a fun run. As we were working on this week’s column, Blake reflected on what her running life might be like after retirement. “Running in key marathons when I’m in top shape, I like that idea. … But the idea of racing after I’m done as an elite runner, that doesn’t appeal to me.” Because when Blake gets in a racing environment she wants to race, not to just enjoy the journey as she does on many of her training runs. So entering a Turkey Trot with her husband? “The plan was we were going to run together, but I kept surging ahead of him. At one point he grabbed me by the braid and said, ‘What? You got a hot date you’re late for?’” — Dave Kellogg, Blake’s writing “coach”

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