Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The view from California

On this Tuesday morning it is cloudy and 51 degrees out. We await this evening's storm which promises big wind and rain. This morning is an ideal time to run, just as yesterday, with its broken cloudy skies, was a beautiful day to get outside for a run, or a jog, or just a walk. On CNN there are pictures of snow banks, icy roads, people trapped in airports. In this little coastal hamlet, we aren't worrying about being trapped, in fact, Mother Nature is inviting us out.
This week, Blake writes about how she went from her hometown in North Carolina, braved a winter in Boston and finally settled in the Monterey Bay Area. It's a tale of coaches, car burglaries, and in home refrigerated beer kegs (what a concept!). Saturday in the Monterey County Herald.

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