Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami warning

Here in the Monterey Bay area, we were jarred awake at 6:15 a.m. by an emergency phone call telling us of a Tsunami warning in the wake of the earthquake in Japan. Knowing that it was bad enough warrant a phone call for our coast line, I am feeling for the people in Japan as they recover from some serious devastation.

We also received our usually phone call from Jon's family in Boston concerned that we are near the ocean. They usually call after every earthquake in California even if it's in LA! Luckily, we assured them that we are quite a ways up the hill and safe and sound. Be safe everyone-especially if you are a fearless surfer. - Blake

Editor's note: I was actually looking forward to a nice run by the shore early this morning, taking a path I know Blake really loves. I was greeted by emergency officials who had blocked off the beach. The popular walking/running trail had been cleared of the usual joggers and dog walkers. At we have a ton of local updates and photos from the tidal surge, as well as a wealth of information from the ever-changing situation in Japan. - dave

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