Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adios amigos

Travel Day has arrived!

Tomorrow starts an epic journey to get to Punta Umbria, Spain for the World Cross Country Championships. Brace yourself....Monterey to Los Angeles to Frankfurt to Barcelona to Seville then a 90-minute bus ride to Punta Umbria. I am taking the attitude that I will get there - eventually. Luckily, I talked my coach into going, so I will have some company the entire way.

I am wishing I knew some Spanish. Unfortunately, I took French in high school and could get by if I were in France. My husband works for the Defense Language Institute, so I asked him to download a basic Spanish lesson for me. Well, next time I won't ask for his help because the lesson started with "hello" and quickly progressed to, "Is this your grenade?" and "Are there any weapons here?" I guess next time I will be more organized and buy a book.

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