Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blake weighs in from Spain

From Punta Umbria, Spain, host of the 2011 Cross Country World Championships: We made it. Ironically, the only trouble we had was getting out of Monterey due to fog in San Francisco. Sev and I made our flight to Frankfurt with 5 minutes to spare and settled in for 15 more hours of travel before we got to our hotel.
I just did my last short workout today and now there is nothing left to do but a few easy runs and wait. The few days before a big race are always the hardest. You try and do enough so you are not sluggish, but not so much that you are tired. Luckily, despite all the travel I am feeling good.
I ran the course this morning, and it is beautiful and challenging. Lots of rolling hills and a series of logs to jump over with every lap of the course. I am starting to get excited as more teams start rolling in, but for now we wait.


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