Friday, May 6, 2011

Dada finish race

Not a whole lot of training, a leg cramp that forced him to walk the final miles, all-in-all, Blake's husband Jon had a great time at the Big Sur Marathon. ... No, really:
I took some time to appreciate the lighter side of the sport. There was the man who thought it would be a good idea to run in the wrong direction to retrieve a dropped Gu packet just after the start, despite the fact he had eight other packets strapped to his waist and there were 5,000 people charging at him (I guess he didn't realize they give those packets out free along the course.) There was the man in the Elvis T-shirt heckling runners as they went by. There was the volunteer begging anyone to take him up on his offer of free Vaseline.
I recaptured some of those feelings from the glory days, running with an old friend some 15 years after we last donned the same uniform in college. I realized how close the running community is in Monterey as every single runner I knew stopped to make sure I was OK as they passed me in the last few miles.
And when I finally did finish and Quin excitedly greeted me by exclaiming “Dada finish the race,” I was a lot more than OK.

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