Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jon's big adventure

A few years back, Blake's husband Jon was one of the nation's elite college runners. since then he's had a difficult time setting aside time to run, but nevertheless tackled the Big Sur Marathon:
I set out with the best of intentions. When my old college teammate called in the fall to tell me he got shut out of Boston, I suggested he run Big Sur instead. He agreed on one condition - that I run it with him. Since it had been over eight years since my last competitive race, I figured it was a good excuse to get back in shape and agreed.

Fast forward six months - I had a new job, a very active two year old son, and very little training under my belt. I knew I was no where near ready to run a marathon, but I had committed so I figured what the heck. I had no illusions. This was going to hurt.
And it did. At about eight miles, I began to feel my lack of training. I struggled through 18 before my body said enough. My leg cramped up to the point that I could no longer run. I walked the rest of the way finishing with four and a half hour time that was equally painful to my body and my ego.
That is not to say I had a bad time. In fact, I will actually look back on the race quite fondly.

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