Monday, May 30, 2011

The Europe circuit

When people find out I'm a professional runner they are always curious about what kind of races I do. They are usually surprised to find out that there are a series of national championship races in the United States ranging from the mile to the marathon for road racing, as well as an indoor and outdoor track circuit. Most elite runners plan there year with the Outdoor Track and Field Championships in mind and then make a mass exodus to Europe the beginning of July.

Hopping a plane and heading to Europe for the summer track circuit is usually the highlight of the year and the reward for all the hard work put in earlier. It’s the fun part, where you get to travel, race against some of the best in the world, in some of the most spectacular venues in the world. Where as in the U.S., track meets struggle to fill stadiums, European meets seem to pack them in, and there is an energy that it hard to recreate in the U.S. As an athlete you feel like a rock star.

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