Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPod controversy

Purists look down on running with an iPod, and Blake prefers to listen to the sounds of nature when on the go. But many recreational runners love their tunes and when officials tried to ban them in marathons a few years ago it created quite a backlash. Now most races allow iPods for recreational runners, but not elite runners. Here's a story about what happened when a recreational runner wearing an iPod had a great race and finished among the elite, and then was disqualified. I like this quote from race director: “She had no anticipation of finishing even in the top 10 .... Unfortunately, she had a great day.”

1 comment:

  1. Well, I used to run with my iPod, but after a while I started to get bored of listening the same songs everyday, specially when they brought me memories of not too pleasant moments.

    Some people, ok, a lot of people feel they can run faster when listening to their music devices, so, if they are not professionals I guess it is ok to let them use their ipods.

    Running is great, so, stop making barriers to this sport !