Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting back in the routine

Sorry for delay in posting Blake's latest column. Major computer problems. Here it is:

Last week I watched 43 episodes of Thomas the Train and three back-to-back fire truck movies. Quin was sick, and instead of playing baseball or taking long walks to the fire station to peep in the windows, we were laid up on the couch. I hate to see my little guy too sick to play, but I have to admit, I enjoyed my extra snuggle time. Sadly, even though I wanted to stay with him the entire time, I had to get out the door for some runs.

I am definitely a creature of habit, and like most athletes, I have found it helps to keep the same routine. I am almost always out the door at the same time, though I like variety on my runs. When I was working full-time as a physical therapist, I never had time to procrastinate. My day was pretty full, so lingering even 20 minutes, meant I was going to be late for work, or need to cut a run short. After I moved to Monterey and had the opportunity to run fulltime, I actually found the open days really hard to adjust to. That really irked my husband, a former elite runner who is out in the business world. He calls me a corporate virgin since I have never worked in a cubicle or had to attend a meeting. I think I am lucky to call the great outdoors my office.

With Quin, there is not much time to linger since I am usually rushing back to relieve a baby- sitter, or running in the door and taking him to an activity or play date. But I am not the only one who seems to stick to a routine. I have become accustomed to seeing familiar faces on many of my runs. I look forward to seeing Jim and his cocker spaniel usually near the Pebble Beach gates.

I pass Bill and Barbara White who are always walking along 17 Mile Drive with their matching red coats. Bill usually informs me if I am late. This week I was and shouted, “Hard to get out.

Sick baby at home.” Finally, I pass the cool surfer dude, Roger, as he’s getting his board ready. He was not there last week when I ran by, and I wonder, was he on vacation or hurt? Do surfers get hurt?

I am wondering if my regulars missed me because by the end of the week, I was sick with a cold and sinus infection. I tried to keep my routine, and even convinced my coach I was up for my usual Saturday morning workout. But after a pathetic 3 mile warm-up, I knew it was time to call it a day, and instead we went to get some coffee. Luckily, Quin and I are on the mend. I am back to my usual schedule, and he is back playing cars and doing his nightly lap running through the house.

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