Friday, June 17, 2011

A few sacrifices along the way

Getting to the Olympics meant making a few sacrifices along the way. Once I got more into running in high school, my poor sister was nice enough to wait for me to get a run in before we opened presents and had Christmas breakfast. Now, that is love. In college when most of my friends were gearing up for Friday night, I was in early because I had Saturday morning practice. If I did go out, I was generally nursing a pitcher of water, not a pitcher of beer. Not a bad way to hydrate while having fun. For the last 15 years, vacations for my entire family have revolved around my racing schedule, which I appreciate tremendously. If a workout falls on a holiday, I still do the workout, though with Quin understanding more and more about birthdays and Christmas, that won’t last much longer. Even planning a family had to be specifically timed and additions are on hold for the moment though I feel that tug.

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