Thursday, June 16, 2011

Run in the Name of Love

Being one of the top running communities in the country, it seems like every weekend we have a choice of races to run. But this Father’s Day, there will be a rather unique running event in Carmel. "Run in the Name of Love" is hosted by Susan Love, one of the honchos of the Big Sur International Marathon and the Just Run youth running program. Love has quite a touching personal story as portrayed in this story in The Herald.
“Run in the Name of Love” was originally a race held at the University of Virginia, in memory of Love’s son, Brian. It has expanded in scope —all participants will be running or walking in the name of someone they love. There is a unique on-line tribute book where tributes and photos can be submitted. Tribute bibs can be purchased with the honorees printed on them. There is even a tribute board at the celebration where names and messages can be written.
Because it's Carmel, dogs are invited to participate in the 2K. Even dog t-shirts are available for purchase and they receive dog biscuits when they cross the finish-line!
The history of this event and all of the information about the race, pictures, etc. can be found at

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